JFDA's director visit to the Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The Director-General of the JFDA, Dr. Nizar Mahmoud Muhaidat, emphasized that the genuine partnership between JFDA and JAPM in establishing new production lines, registering new products, and developing the local pharmaceutical manufacturing sector is an exemplary partnership that prioritizes the national interest and is built on general national interests. Dr. Muhaidat appreciated the role of the association in serving the pharmaceutical industry sector and the role of thelocal  pharmaceutical industry in supporting the economy as it occupies the second position in terms of national exports.


Dr. Muhaidat, during his visit to the the Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and meeting with its president Mr. Tareq Darwazeh and its Secretary-General Dr. Hanan Sboul, along with a number of representatives of member companies in the association, stated that the drug registration process has witnessed a significant acceleration over the past three years compared to previous years, which has reflected on providing therapeutic alternatives at fair prices, in compliance with royal directives, maintain its distinguished reputation, localize biological drugs, and open up new export markets, thus contributing to supporting the national economy and employing the largest possible number of pharmacists.


Dr. Muhaidat pointed out that the institution has identified the current situation of the drug registration process to identify observations and challenges, and has come up with recommendations translated into practical solutions to shorten the time required for drug registration, after holding a series of workshops directed at pharmacists working in the registration sector from pharmaceutical companies, affirming that the institution gives priority to locally-produced pharmaceutical alternatives with new therapeutic advantages in registration. He also stated that JFDA is open to partnership and continuous communication with the pharmaceutical industry sector to integrate proposals in the interest of the industry, identify any obstacles, and resolve them immediately, as the role of the institution goes beyond the supervisory role to providing high-standard medicine to the Jordanian citizens or for export, towards being a guiding and supportive role to bring about a qualitative leap in the pharmaceutical industry.


On his part, Darwazeh expressed his appreciation for the continuous support of the JFDA to the pharmaceutical industry sector, emphasizing the pursuit of developing and expanding areas of cooperation, praising the qualitative procedures and legislations recently introduced by the institution, including the amended drug testing guidelines which separated analysis from registration, speeding up the registration of Jordanian drugs locally and abroad. He also praised the decision of the Director-General of the FDA to reconsider activating remote inspection of foreign manufacturing sites contracted with national pharmaceutical companies, based on established principles and standards, especially since accelerating the approval of foreign companies contracted with national pharmaceutical companies will contribute to the expansion of therapeutic categories produced locally and will positively impact pharmaceutical exports.


Sboul praised the efforts of JFDA to implement the outputs of the economic reform vision for the pharmaceutical industry sector in line with royal directives, where the vision focused on this sector within high-value industrial sectors, including eleven initiatives for the sector, including reviewing the regulations localizing biological drugs to encourage and expand them with the aim of localizing them in the kingdom and opening up new export markets, confirming the association's keenness to work with JFDA as one team to implement the outputs of the vision and support the pharmaceutical industry sector while maintaining the distinguished reputation enjoyed by Jordanian medicine locally and internationally.