Generics & Biosimilars

Through the past 50 years, the Jordan pharmaceutical industry has grown strongly and number of its companies now is 23, after merges and restructuring of many companies during the last years.

The sector became an export driven industry distributing its products on more than 60 countries due to its high quality, excellent reputation, and its affordable price.

Pharmaceutical industry in Jordan is a pioneer exporting sector due to its high quality and excellent reputation. Therefore 75% of production is exported to foreign markets.

Jordan pharmaceuticals are now distributed worldwide in more than 87 countries and 90% of the exports are going to Arab countries. Jordan pharmaceutical companies have joint ventures and subsidiary companies in 8 Arab and foreign countries.

Pharma industry created ~26000 direct & indirect job opportunities in Jordan in 2015; additionally the industry employed ~800 Jordanians abroad in 2016;

Local pharma industry contributed towards research & development in the country as evidenced by its annual spend on R&D activities to the tune of an estimated 30 Mn JOD.

Total market of pharmaceuticals in Jordan was valued at ~557 Mn in JOD in 2016, with 39% & 61% value share of the public & private sector.