Committees and committee members play key role in helping and guiding JAPM, they are important for the following reasons:

  • Where our association members freely exchange ideas.
  • Suggestions and recommendations can be generated that may prove useful for the association.
  • The existing problems facing members can be discussed within the committee and some new ideas for solving these problems can be introduced.

JAPM have different types of Committees

  1. Standing committees:
  • Intellectual Property Committee
  • Regulatory Affairs Committee
  1. Ad-hoc committees:
  • Are temporarily formed for specific purposes, often to study a particular issue like a new regulations or laws drafts or issuing new regulation or law, e.g.: Value Added Medicines committee
  1. Joint committees:
  • Are temporarily and are made up of members from both JAPM and different stakeholders.
  1. Conference & events committees: 
  • Are specially created to organize a certain conference or event.