Membership Rules

Membership Rules according to the articles mentioned in the Primary Law of the Jordanian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Article 6:

Any company or institutions that meet the conditions specified in this low have the right to apply for membership in the association.

The categories of membership in the association are as follows:

  • Active member.
  • Affiliate Member.

The application to join the association under the category (active member) must be accompanied by the following:

  • A certificate of registration or a certificate for the concerned person issued by the competent authority, indicating that the applicant is one of the companies or institutions producing human medicines inside the Kingdom, and membership of companies or institutions whose objectives are limited to packaging is not accepted.
  • Evidence that the company or establishment has obtained a Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate (GMP).
  • An application for affiliation with the association under the category (Affiliate Member) must be accompanied by a registration certificate or a certificate for whom it may concern issued by the competent authority, stating that the applicant is one of the companies or institutions that perform any of the following activities:
    • Pharmaceutical research
    • Veterinary medicines manufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturers
    • Formula & baby food manufacturers
    • Medical supplies manufacturers
    • Medicinal plant preparations and nutritional supplements manufacturers
    • Medical reagents manufacturers
    • Any other fields related to the pharmaceutical industry and medical supplies approved by the Authority

The affiliate member shall have the right to participate in the activities of the association, to attend meetings of the General Assembly only and to nominate a representative for him in the General Assembly in accordance with the provisions of this system without having the right to vote.

Honorary membership in the association may be granted by a decision of the authority to some persons interested in pharmaceutical affairs and those with experience in this field who have contributed to the development of the association or the revival of the pharmaceutical industry, and the authority may invite them to attend the meetings or committee meetings and participate in discussions without having the right to vote.

Article 7:

The application for affiliation is submitted to the Board of Directors that decides to accept or reject the application without stating the reasons, and the Board of Directors may in all cases require that special conditions be met in the applicant.

The Board of Directors shall prepare an application form for affiliation, includes the following data:

  • The applicant's written consent to the association primary law and his pledge to abide by it.
  • The name of the representative of the applicant to attend the meetings of the General Assembly, and his representative to attend the meetings of the Board of Directors if he is a member

The applicant must attach with the application for affiliation the following:

A duly audited budget for the last two years showing the applicant’s capital and sales volume, or a letter certified by the applicant’s legal accountant showing the capital and volume of sales for the last two years attached to a declaration whereby the member pledges that the information provided in accordance with this item is true under penalty of dismissal from the association’s membership.

Any other documents required by the administration.