Dr. Hanan Sboul, the Secretary-General of JAPM, participation in the 1st Arab-Hellenic Health Conference in Athens


 1st Arab-Hellenic Health Conference in Athens

Dr. Hanan had her session at the 1st Arab-Hellenic Health Conference which was held in May 22nd in Athens, highlighting the achievements of the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry as a leading exporter in MENA through 27 local manufacturers and 20 Jordanian-owned pharmaceutical companies operating in 11 countries across Europe, US and MENA.

This has resulted in creating thousands of jobs, positively influencing the trade balance, and improving access to medicines, therefore identified as a high value industry in Jordan Economic modernization Vision.The session also addressed the enablers to boost Arab-Arab & Arab-Greek collaboration in pharmaceutical field, to increase investments & improve access to generics and Biosimilars worldwide, these include regulatory convergence, strengthening regulatory systems & balanced IP rights.

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