mid pharma

Midpharma is Public Shareholding Company founded in 1993 and commenced production by the end of 1997. Midpharma currently produces Antibiotics, Analgesics-Antipyretics, Vitamins, Haematinics, Cardiovascular preparations, Hypoglycemics, Antiulcerants, and Antifungals. In 2005, Midpharma has acquired new product lines consisting of deramatologicals, local analgesics, topical nasal decongestants, topical anti-hemorrhoidals, gynaecological anti-infectives, and laxatives. Midpharma’s production site is spread over 35,000 m2 consisting of a general plant and a cephalosporin’s plant with production lines consisting of tablet, capsule, aerosol, suppository, ointment, liquid, dry-suspension, and counting. Midpharma holds European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for solid dosage form in general formulation as well as Jordanian GMP for both plants. We are also ISO9001:2000 certified. Midpharma’s manufacturing strengths made it a world-class producer of branded generics. Midpharma’s products are registered and actively sold in all the major Middle East and North African markets. Midpharma differentiates itself by successfully managing profitable growth whilst maintaining customer responsiveness. The leadership and staff are totally committed to quality and are continually on the look out for further development.